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Indonesian Clove E-Liquid Indonesian Clove

Sweet and spicy Indonesian Clove and authentic natural tobacco, similar to a clove cigarette. A true treat for any seasoned smoker.

Our Price: $2.95

Orange Cream E-Liquid Orange Cream

Classic Orange Cream Popsicle E-Liquid. Rich and juicy combination of oranges and ice cream.

Our Price: $2.95

RY4 E-Liquid RY4

Dominantly tobacco with delicate undertones of vanilla and caramel. RY4 is a very unique vape. SPECIAL OPTIONS for this flavor: Add Shot (approx. 20% of total flavor) of an appropriate flavor.

Our Price: $2.95

Irish Cream E-Liquid Irish Cream

This velvety Irish Cream is decadent on it's own, or with a touch of Hazelnut or Vanilla. SPECIAL OPTIONS for this flavor: Add Shot (approx. 20% of total flavor) of Hazelnut or French Vanilla.

Our Price: $2.95

Chocolate Cake Batter E-Liquid Chocolate Cake Batter

Rich dark chocolate with a creamy cake overtone. Absolutely delicious. SPECIAL OPTIONS for this flavor: Add a Shot (approx. 20% of total flavor) of Vanilla Cake Batter.

Our Price: $2.95

Caramel Creme E-Liquid Caramel Creme

Decadent caramel intertwined in cake-like cream layers.

Our Price: $2.95


Our Story

Founded in 2012, we are a specialty manufacturer of E-Liquid for use in electronic cigarettes. We use only the best, highest quality ingredients in the industry. We offer gourmet, custom mixed E-Liquids for your e-cig or PV and an extensive collection of delectable signature flavors. It’s our dedication to customer service and our selection of quality products that keeps our customers returning again and again.

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