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How To Customize
When customizing an E-Liquid, there are up to ten (10) menus each with various options to alter and enhance the E-Liquid to your tastes. These menus are:

FLAVOR: Choose your primary flavor in this menu.
SECONDARY FLAVOR: Use this menu to choose a secondary flavor if desired. The default option is always "None". Applies to Custom flavors.
Choose the amount of each flavor you want, should you choose to add a secondary flavor. Applies to Custom flavors.
Choose "X Flavor" for approx. 10% more flavor, or "XX Flavor" for approx. one and one-third times the "Regular" amount of flavor. Choose "Light Flavor" for slightly less than "Regular" flavor, if you desire a more mellow variant of naturally strong flavors such as Mint. Note that some E-Liquids should only have a certain amount of flavor, to avoid adding too much and altering the intended flavor. Choose the flavor amount you want and depending on the flavor, the Orb Vapor crew will accommodate the amount without adding too much or leaving too little. We'll make it just right!
This menu is for choosing varying flavor options attached to certain recipes. For example, in the SPECIAL OPTIONS menu for Caramel Apple, you can choose to have either Red Apple or Green Apple as the apple flavor. In some flavors, you can Add a Shot of an appropriate flavor to compliment the primary flavor. The Shot is approx. 20% of the total flavor used in that E-Liquid. Default options are the original recipe. Please note that available options are recommendations based on associate and customer feedback and you can always create your own flavor with varying ratios in the "Custom" category. This menu does not apply to all flavors.
Choose the base you want in PG/VG % (Ex. 70/30 PG/VG) in this menu. Note that the format is always PG/VG, not VG/PG. If you do not know what base to pick for your device, choose "Orb Blend" in the menu, which is an optimal PG/VG mix for most devices and flavor.
This menu is for choosing the desired amount in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml) of USP nicotine you want in your liquid. Use the brief comparison guide below to help you decide on a strength. You can also choose "0mg/ml (No Nicotine)".

0mg/ml - No Nicotine
3mg/ml - Ultra Light
6mg/ml - Very Light
9mg/ml - Light
12-18mg/ml - Full Bodied
20-24mg/ml - Very Strong

THICKNESS (WATER PERCENTAGE): Choose the desired thickness of your E-Liquid in this menu. Options range from "Very Thin" to "No Water (Very Thick)". Choosing "No Water (Very Thick)" is not recommended for 100% VG-based liquids. If you're unsure which option to pick, you can choose "Let Us Decide".
Specify here whether you would like a pipette included in your order. You can choose to add between 1 and 5, or none. Pipettes are small, 1ml disposable tubes used for transferring E-Liquid, comparable in size and function to a miniature turkey baster.
Choose what size bottle/vial you would like. More sizes are available under the "Custom" category.

If you are unsure which options to pick, you can find guidance by reading through our Infodex/FAQ page, reading through our Ingredients page, or by contacting us at support@orbvapor.com.

Some liquids with nicotine may develop a natural hue, depending on nicotine level selected and ambient temperature. There is no coloring added, and all liquids are unsweetened. All raw ingredients are certified Kosher and Gluten-free.

We use only 100% natural flavors, never artificial.

Nobody likes the taste of cheap plastic. Our E-Liquid is packaged in cobalt glass bottles.

Our Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is derived entirely from palm. There is no soy, canola, or corn.

In addition to our VG, our Propylene Glycol (PG) and nicotine are all USP Pharmaceutical Grade.

Every Orb Vapor liquid is mixed fresh in our sterile lab located in Raritan, New Jersey.

Free First-Class shipping on all US orders $40 and over. Choose at checkout.

Free sample included with all orders $20 and over. You can request a specific flavor in the order comments section prior to checkout, or we'll include a flavor we think you'd like.

Enter code "FIRST" at checkout for 10% off your first order.
After that, enter code "OV5" at checkout for 5% off all future orders.

These products contain nicotine, a poisonous and addictive substance. Do not use the products on this website if you are pregnant or may become pregnant, or have any sort of heart condition.
18+ ONLY
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4ml Samples (Five) 100% VG 4ml Samples (Five) 100% VG

5 (Five) 4ml E-Liquid samples of choice. These samples are 100% VG based with either 12mg/ml or 0mg/ml (No Nicotine) strength and X Flavor in clear glass vials. Choose 5 flavors.

Our Price: $16.95
4ml Samples (Five) PG/VG 4ml Samples (Five) PG/VG

5 (Five) 4ml E-Liquid samples of choice. These samples are 50/50 PG/VG based with either 12mg/ml or 0mg/ml (No Nicotine) strength and X Flavor in clear glass vials. Choose 5 flavors.

Our Price: $16.95
Apple Cider E-Liquid Apple Cider

Fresh picked apples and a dash of seasonal spices. Perfect on a Fall day.

Our Price: $2.95
Banana E-Liquid Banana

Ripe Banana. True to it's name, this flavor pairs well with berry flavors and some other fruit flavors. NOTE: Banana has been known to cause polycarbonate tanks to crack or deform. Please be sure you are using a polypropylene, Pyrex glass, or metal tank with this flavor to avoid this problem.

Our Price: $2.95
Black Cherry E-Liquid Black Cherry

Ripe, deep black cherry taste and aroma that is only slightly sweet. Very good on it's own, or paired with other fruit flavors.

Our Price: $2.95
Blackberry E-Liquid Blackberry

Perfectly ripened, dark North American blackberry. Due to natural variances, this flavor may have a sweet taste.

Our Price: $2.95
Blueberry E-Liquid Blueberry

Enjoy this scrumptious, fresh picked, wild crafted blueberry flavor on it's own, or coupled with one of many fruit flavors. SPECIAL OPTIONS for this flavor: Add Shot (approx. 20% of total flavor) of appropriate flavors.

Our Price: $2.95
Caramel E-Liquid Caramel

Delicious and smooth, this savory caramel E-Liquid will make your taste buds melt. Pairs well with many flavors.

Our Price: $2.95
Caramel Apple E-Liquid Caramel Apple

Red Delicious or Green Apple smothered in smooth, sweet caramel. An Autumn favorite. SPECIAL OPTIONS for this flavor: Replace Red apple with Green apple.

Our Price: $2.95
Caramel Creme E-Liquid Caramel Creme

Decadent caramel intertwined in cake-like cream layers.

Our Price: $2.95
Chai Spice E-Liquid Chai Spice

A deliciously addictive, delicately crafted mix of natural spices. IMPORTANT: Residual flavor particles may form during shipping. This will not impede function of a tank system, but this flavor should not be used in a drip system.

Our Price: $2.95
Cheesecake E-Liquid Cheesecake

Creamy New York Style Cheesecake. The name says it all! Cheesecake pairs very well with fruit flavors.

Our Price: $2.95
Chocolate E-Liquid Chocolate

Rich dark chocolate. This is a deep and complex chocolate. Not to be confused with milk chocolate.

Our Price: $2.95
Chocolate Cake Batter E-Liquid Chocolate Cake Batter

Rich dark chocolate with a creamy cake overtone. Absolutely delicious. SPECIAL OPTIONS for this flavor: Add a Shot (approx. 20% of total flavor) of Vanilla Cake Batter.

Our Price: $2.95
Chocolate Covered Strawberry E-Liquid Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Delicious fresh strawberries dipped in semisweet chocolate.

Our Price: $2.95
These products contain nicotine, a poisonous and addictive substance. Do not use the products on this website if you are pregnant or may become pregnant, or have any sort of heart condition.
18+ ONLY